China Places Cap on Private Corporate Bonds to Stem Credit Risks

Major attractions, including Ocean Park theme park and aquarium, the Hong Kong Zoo and Botanical Gardens, and the Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery, as well as the Peak and other public parks all remain open. Disneyland is also open — and this summer was very, very empty.

The Star Ferry, a popular attraction that also serves as a main form of transit between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, has also been running. Rooftop bars are still taking guests, and popular nightlife districts like Wan Chai and Lan Kwai Fong are still hopping, though often emptier than usual.

One other option? Daytripping. Sanders and her boyfriend planned to spend one day sightseeing on nearby Macao, the former Portuguese colony and current gambling destination that is accessible from Hong Kong via ferry and train. There have been no protests there.

So should you visit? It depends.

‘Safe and open’

The savings and short queues may make it worth it if you aren’t afraid of accidentally running into protests or riot police and can physically get yourself out of the area in an expeditious manner.

You should probably be comfortable with having to adjust plans on the fly and with navigating the city if public transportation fails.

Hong Kong authorities say that “despite recent disruptions, the fundamentals and institutional underpinning of our economy and society are strong.”We remain a safe, open and cosmopolitan society and an internationally connected, vibrant, and dynamic economy,” reads a press release on the Brand HK website, which is run and maintained by the city government.

Sanders said that she doesn’t regret her visit at all du lich phong nha .

“Hong Kong is such a beautiful, vibrant city, and it’s clear the protesters care about it deeply. To be here right now is to be experiencing history, and I wouldn’t trade the experience I’ve had here for anything.”

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