Some Common Misconceptions About Refilling Inkjet Cartridges Debunked

Inkjet printers use an unbelievable amount of ink. It seems like every time you try to print something, the little warning box pops up on your screen telling you that the printer is once again out of ink. And that ink is not cheap either, it is expensive. That’s why so many people opt for refilling inkjet cartridges instead of buying new ones.

Many inkjet printer owners hate spending a small fortune to keep their printers in ink, but they keep buying new inkjet cartridges because they are don’t really understand how inkjet printer refills work. Due to their misconceptions about inkjet printer refills, these people continue to spend more money then they have to.

Here are a few of these misconceptions debunked for you. Hopefully they will help eliminate some of your confusion, and allow you to save some money by refilling your inkjet cartridges instead buying new ones every time.

1. You Have To Take Classes To Learn How To Refill Cartridges

You do not have to take lessons or become a certified technician to be able to refill the cartridges. You can do it all on your own, just follow the instructions that are included in all of the printer refill kits and you’ll be fine. Inkjet printer refills can be a bit tricky at first, but once you have done it a few times it’s actually pretty easy.

You can get printer refill kits at any office supply store, just make sure that you bring your printer information (make, model, etc.) with you so that you get the right kit. You can also get refill kits online, and they are usually cheaper online than they are in regular office stores.

2. I Would Have To Refill The Cartridges Myself–And I Don’t Want To

You do not ever have to refill your cartridges yourself if you don’t want to. When your cartridges are empty, just take them to a store that specializes in refilling ink cartridges. There are plenty of stores that offer this service, you just need to look around for one.

Or, you can just send them back to the original manufacturer and have them refill the cartridges for you AiBoo¬†. Most manufacturers don’t even charge for this service, so not only can you outsource this task, you can outsource it for free.

3. It Takes Hours To Refill An Inkjet Cartridge

Actually, it takes very little time to refill an inkjet cartridge. Once you know what you are doing, it shouldn’t take you more than fifteen minutes, twenty if you are really slow. Or you could do it in just five minutes by taking the cartridge to a store with a refilling system. Either way, refilling inkjet cartridges only takes a matter of minutes, not hours.

4. Using Inkjet Printer Refills Will Void My Printer’s Warranty

Ninety-nine percent of the time, using inkjet printer refills will not void the warranty on your printer. A lot of manufacturers try to bully their customers into only buying from them, and much of the legal mumbo-jumbo on your warranty is nothing more than empty threats that violate consumer protection laws. A manufacturer would have to definitively prove that an inkjet cartridge was directly responsible for any damage to your printer in order to void the warranty.

So if you are looking to save a little money, you might want to start refilling inkjet cartridges instead of buying new ones all the time. It is a bit more of a hassle than just buying new cartridges, but it really isn’t as much of a hassle as people seem to think.

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