Convert2EV Book Review – Convert a Gas Car to Electric and Drive 200 Miles For a Buck?

The Convert2ev guide is designed to show an average handy man or woman how to inexpensively convert a small car or truck into an all electric vehicle. This electric car is supposed to only cost about $1.00 for a single charge and provide a range of up to 200 miles.

According to the authors, Les and Jane Oke, building an electric car is not an original idea, that idea has existed for many years best corded impact wrench . This is, however, an original plan for building an electric car using inexpensive sources of parts and simple building techniques that any handyman or woman can follow.

About The Authors Les and Jane Oke: The Okes live on 20 acres of remote forested land in Ontario, Canada. Having no electrical service they were forced to learn to produce their own power with homemade wind generators and solar panels.

This successful experience gave them the insight and confidence to tackle the high fuel cost and pollution associated with their family vehicle. The Convert2ev guide is a direct result of their adventure in pioneering the inexpensive conversion of a regular gas car into an electrically powered one. The final results produced a vehicle that cost less than $300 to convert and completely eliminated their need for fossil fuel.

What Comes With The Package:  The Convert2ev package comes with the following ebooks, (electronic books that can be instantly downloaded from the internet for viewing or printing directly from your computer):

1: Build Your Own Electric Car or Truck (main book is 91 pages), 2. Build Your Own Solar Panels, 3. Homemade Wind Generator, 4. Living Off The Grid In 2008, 5. Our Bio Diesel Fuel Solution Book.

What You Will Learn:  1. Convert your car to electric for under $500, 2. Sources of free industrial batteries, 3. Safe installation instructions of batteries and all parts, 4. Documented conversion of vehicle with pictures, 5. Sources of DC motors and controllers, 6. Sources of electric car conversion kits, 7. Where to find the right car or truck to convert, 8. An off road electric vehicle conversion, 9. Your electric car will travel 50 mph, 10. You will be able to drive 200 miles between charges, 11. Renewable free solar and wind energy charging options, 12. Plus a brief overview of how to bring dead batteries back to life.

What Building Skills Are Required:  While you do not need to possess the experience and instincts of a seasoned auto mechanic it would be helpful if you are somewhat comfortable with simple home and auto maintenance projects.

What Tools Will You Need:  Most of the tools required to convert a gas powered car into an electric one are common to a typical handy homeowners workbench: wrenches, socket set, screw drivers, hammer, electric drill etc. Some of the tools needed are less common but easily available to buy or rent: jigsaw, welder, portable hoist and a small grinder.

Negatives:  It would be helpful if there was an option to purchase a companion video that actually shows a complete conversion taking place.

Guarantee: 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee Price The price is $49.97 USD.

Bottom Line:   While the Convert2EV electric car conversion plans are thorough they are not designed to provide exact paint-by-number steps. The reason for this is, in part, is because the authors have allowed for maximum flexibility for scrounging the best possible car to convert, as well as, other necessary components. That means that no two projects are exactly the same even though they all require the same steps. This flexibility in the plans helps keep the project cost down to a bare minimum.

If you are serious about reducing the costs and environmental impact of operating a gas powered vehicle and have at least some comfort innovating simple mechanical design details, then the thorough Convert2ev electric car plans should serve you well.

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